Location of data/int8/ or resnet50_per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt

As the title says, I’m learning more about onnx parsing into TRT but can’t seem to find that


, it’s mentioned on the Developer Guides but it’s not on /data in the tensorrt install.
I can get the resnet50.onnx from the page and also the labels from the other examples, but can’t locate resnet50_per_tensor_dynamic_range, is that something we have to define ourselves?
I’ve read about quantization but I’m a bit lost on the format of this text file.

Any help is appreciated!


I don’t see a reference to resnet50_per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt in Dev Guide. Can you point me to the chapter/section?

NVIDIA Enterprise Support

Hi there,
it’s mentioned on “9.1.8. sampleINT8API” but in the dev guide appears with this name “per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt”:

./sample_int8_api -m resnet_50.model -s per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt -i
image.ppm -r label_reference.txt

And in the code it’s mentioned as:

struct SampleINT8APIArgs : public samplesCommon::Args
    bool verbose{false};
    std::string modelFileName{"resnet50.onnx"};
    std::string imageFileName{"airliner.ppm"};
    std::string referenceFileName{"reference_labels.txt"};
    std::string perTensorDynamicRange{"resnet50_per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt"};

I can get the resnet50.onnx and even the labels from other examples, but can’t find that resnet50_per_tensor_dynamic_range.txt

Any tips?


apologies for the delay. This missing file will be addressed in the next TRT release.