Lock file on Jetson TX1 under /var/lib/dpkg

Hey all. I just flashed my Jetson TX1 with Jetpack 2.3 and all went well. However, I have run into a problem, under the /var/lib/dpkg directory, it keeps generating a lock file (called lock) that keeps me from updating and installing software. I had to delete the file from terminal (rm command). Has this happened to anybody before? If so, how do you prevent it from happening? The link below describes my problem (somewhat). Thanks!

The problem was fixed after remove the lock folder. Do you still have problem on your system?
We didn’t get this kind of problem with command “sudo apt-get update”
If you still can’t fixed the problem on your system. Could you try to re-flash the TX1 with the JetPack.

We don’t reproduce the issue. Have you ran as superuser?

Thanks ShaneCCC and vickyy, and when I update, I use “sudo apt-get update”, which then prompts me for the password, which I correctly give, and it updates, although it says something about not updating libopencv4tegra. Whenever I start up the board and sometimes when I run programs, a box pops up saying there is a system error and asking me if I wish to report it, which I never do. Should I report the error, or just reinstall jetpack, or both? Thanks!

I think you can wave the message if it’s harmless.