lock power and OC values across reboots?

Hi all!

Running a *Buntu variant, 18.04, with Nvidia drivers, and Multi GPU setup (with any card ranging from RTX 2060 to RTX 2080Ti)

I would like to know if there’s a command I can use to keep current OverClocking values as well as power limit values across reboots?

Reason being, my server draws a lot of power, and when it reboots, it goes back to stock values (about 25% higher power consumption, and 5-10% lower performance).

Is there a setting that can be loaded upon reboot?

The values should be saved in the user’s nvidia-settings.rc, so on boot nvidia-settings has to be called once with the -l option.

How do I do that?

That depends on your setup/DE/DM. A simple method is to create an autostart entry so it gets run on logging in.

Most Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu/Mint and perhaps even Debian procedures are the same.
How do I call on nvidia-settings at boot?
Through config.xorg


  • put the nvidia-settings.rc somewhere like /usr/local/etc
  • create a one-shot systemd unit running after display-manager
  • set it to run nvidia-settings -l -c :0.0 --config=/usr/local/etc/nvidia-settings.rc
    The user as which the systemd unit runs has to have access to the Xserver at :0.0, i.e. the DM’s xserver, so
  • either set the user of the systemd unit to the DM’s user
  • or run it as root and set the XAUTHORITY to the DM’s Xserver’s auth file
    Not tested, this is rather systems management than anything nvidia driver related.