Locked DLL "CreoOVConnector"

Hi Everyone,

I am just trying to set up the Creo Connector. Installation works but when opening Creo it says, that the DLL CreoOVConnector is locked.

Creo does have an acticle on how to unlock DLLs here : https://www.ptc.com/de/support/article/CS28242
I installed the ObjectToolKit C++, however I still can’t unlock the DLL. I guess this happens, because I am using the educational license, that does not include a toolkit development license.

Does someone know a fix for this problem?

Thanks a lot.

I found the following text in the documentation:

“The Creo Object TOOLKIT C++ applications must be unlocked before
distributing it to the end users. To unlock the application, both the Creo Object
TOOLKIT C++ and Creo Parametric TOOLKIT licenses are required.” Page 15 of this document:
“Getting Started with Creo® Object TOOLKIT C++ 3.0 Datecode M130” (can’t post more than 1 link, so just document name"

So, as those licenses are not included in a educational license, it seems that it not possible for educational users to use the Creo Connector, if it is not unlocked by the developers.

It worked with a new installation of Creo. Went from version 8.0.3 to 8.0.5

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Hi there,

I’m still running into the same issue with 8.0.5 and 9.0.1. Some guidance here will be really appreciated. Thanks!

At this time we only support Creo 8.x.

The unlock process should already be in place? I will recheck on that

Hello for the unlocking (or other issues) can you please supply the build number Omniverse Tab->About : build: (eg) 108.4

Hi there,

After I ran OmniCreo8.0.5.0, I don’t see a Omniverse tab.

I installed the Creo connector through the Omniverse Launcher, from which I got the version number: 108.1.98 Beta

Hi there,
it seems, I have the same issue as jcai1. I have installed successfully Creo Student Edition with all ToolKits and UI customisations, as well as the new ptc connector, but I get the same message about CreoOVconnectorDLL and I don’t see any Omniverse Tabs…
Could you help me please?
Thanks in advance