Locked Out of OS, How to Reinstall


I recently got a Jetson Xavier and installed Jetpack on it. Everything went smoothly, but I decided to change the default password for the nvidia account. I did so and now I’m completely locked out no matter how many time I try. I know the password is correct because I wrote it down before I typed it in.

Can someone help me how to reinstall Jetpack and start over? Or explain why I was locked out.


Issues may change depending on release. In any of the earlier releases there would be both an “ubuntu” account and an “nvidia” account, along with a password which is the same as the name. In later releases you have to create an account on first boot. If this was an earlier release and you didn’t change the password to the “ubuntu” account, and if this was accessible on an unprotected network, then someone probably got in and edited something.

Meanwhile, do you have a serial console? This is always logged in. If you lost the password you couldn’t use sudo with it, but you might be able to gather information or see more about what’s going on. If you connect the micro-B USB cable to the Xavier, and then the full-sized type-A connector to your host (monitor “dmesg --follow” prior to cable insert), then one of the serial UART ports will be able to work as a login shell (settings 115200 8N1). I’ve arranged my Fedora host differently, and so the actual port will differ for you, but if you were to use gtkterm (“sudo apt-get install gtkterm”), then it would be something like this:

gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 115200 /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_Quad_RS232-HS-if03-port0

I downloaded the most recent Jetpack found in the downloads page, here https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack. The board was not even plugged into any network. It simply locked me out and wont allow me to change anything. Not matter what I try.

On these more recent releases there are no accounts unless you’ve logged in and completed the first boot steps to add an account. Did you complete the first boot with monitor/keyboard? If yes, then what do you see on the boot log using serial console?

If there really is some sort of failure on a previously running system, then you could just flash again. Perhaps something went wrong on the first flash. If you do flash again, then make sure you have a monitor and keyboard on the Xavier during the flash so that you can complete the first boot addition of the account.