Locked out of Windows 10 and stuck in boot to safe mode without networking?

I upgraded to 1903 on my desktop last night. I immediately starting getting Wattman crashes from AMD so I launched the AMD drive cleaner to boot into safe mode and do a clean install.

I am now stuck at the login prompt and can’t get it to boot back to regular windows. It is asking for my password and I have tried everything but nothing works. There is no reset password option. I only have shutdown, restart, airplane mode, and accessibility options.

I have been using the pin to login since I first built the PC so I have no idea what it could be since nothing works. If I could get it to boot back to Windows 10 non-safe mode I could login with my pin and reset the local password. Any suggestions on how to do this?


This is the Nvidia developer community. You should visit the AMD community for help with their drivers.