Log buffer address in uboot for TX2

we want to save console logs in a buffer at uboot,what address we can pick so that this address can be read through kernel also

i want to reserve 4K memory at uboot to store logs

in Tx1 i was using below address

#define CONFIG_PRE_CON_BUF_SZ 4096 /* Aprox 2 80*25 screens */
#define CONFIG_PRE_CON_BUF_ADDR 0xE0000000

any help will be appreciated.


Which release are you using now?

I am using SDK 32.4.3.


Do you hit any error if you set the same on TX2?

no i dont hit any error after using this address,some logs i am getting when i reading it in kernel but some logs are coming as garbage thats why i am confirming that we can use the same address or not.


We cannot provide an address that can 100% make it work. It is trial-and-error.
If you see abnormal data, please adjust the address and try again.