Log print message "Host read timeout at address 5448110c" What does this mean?

Log print message “Host read timeout at address 5448110c” What does this mean?
Log.txt (114 KB)

Please share full steps to reproduce the error message. Are you on r28.1?

I shared the error log information, trouble you look, thank you
Log.txt (114 KB)

Cannot exactly know why it happens. Do you see the issue when running onboard camera, or usb camera? Do you see it when doing encoding or decoding?

You said that I have not tried, this problem led to the system to restart, you read my log? Look you understand

I do not always know the reason for the restart

Do you flash the system via Jetpack 3.1?

No, I use the system is Jetpack 3.0, we designed two Carrier Board, one of which there is a problem, while the other one is no problem, the hardware circuit design no difference

Custom carrier board abnormal restart issue is tracking at