Logging to remote syslog server

My syslog server isn’t seeing log messages. I notice that source-interface isn’t set:

aind-vast1-sw02 [ND1: master] (config) # sh logging source-interface

VRF name: default

Source IP for syslogd client:
Configured: none
Current : none
IPv4-addr : none
IPv6-addr : none

aind-vast1-sw02 [ALLENINSTND1: master] (config)

When I try to set source-interface, I see the following:
aind-vast1-sw02 [ND1: master] (config) # logging source-interface mgmt0

% Only loopback interfaces supported (not mgmt0)
aind-vast1-sw02 [ND1: master] (config) #

I am ssh’ed into the switch via interface mgmt0 … I would like syslog packets to exist the switch via mgmt0. But if such packets must be sourced from a loopback address, how do I go about picking the IP address of the loopback interface? Picking an address from the same subnet which mgmt0 is on isn’t working. Do I pick some other subnet for the loopback IP address … but then how do I configure routing inside the Mellanox to permit the loopback address to talk across the mgmt0 interface? Seems to me that I’m missing something; this smells like a lot of work to get logging functioning.

aind-vast1-sw02 [ND1: master] (config) # interface loopback 0 ip address a.b.c.d/32

How might I go about picking values for ‘a.b.c.d’? And what else do I need to configure for loopback 0 to then be able to forward syslog packets across mgmt0?


OK, I got it

logging vrf mgmt {IP address of syslog server}

No need for loopback source-interface at this point


Hello Stuart

You can also find the user manual in this link. Page 343 onwards has logging documentation

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