Logic level of the CAMx_PWDN on Jetson Orin Nano Devkit

Dear Nvidia Jetson HW Experts,

I would like to confirm the voltage level of the CAMx_PWDN pins from the J20 and J21 connectors of the Jetson Orin Nano Devkit:

In the Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-11324-001_v1.1.pdf, the type of CAMx_PWDN is 1.8V :

However, in the Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Reference_Design_Files_A04_20230320/P3768_A04_OrCAD_schematics(base_version).pdf, they are routed to the J20, J21 connectors via the SN74LV1T125 which seems to give 3.3V output (CAMx_PWDN_LS) as its VCC is connected to 3.3V :

Could you confirm if CAMx_PWDN_LS is 1.8V or 3.3V, please ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

CAMx_PWDN_LS is 3.3V.

Hi @Trumany,

So, pin #6 of J20 and J21 must be Output, 3.3V. Do you confirm?

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The “Output, 1.8V” in the table is for module pin 114/120 type description. For pin 6 of J20 and J21, it is “Input, 3.3V”.

Hi @Trumany,

I am confused why it is “Input”.

CAMx_PWDN_LS is input to J20/J21.

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