Logical device creation maximum limit

VkCreateDevice crashes my application when I try to create an excessive number of logical devices. I realise that there is a driver specific limit on the number of logical devices which I can create. As far as I am aware the Vulkan API does not expose that maximum logical device limit. The number of logical devices that I can create varies with the number of queues I request in the VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo structure. Is the crash expected or should the driver behave differently, e.g return VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED as one of the failure return codes defined in the specification.

I am using Windows10 64-bit with Nvidia drivers 364.91 and LunarG Vulkan Loader My laptop has an Nvidia 750m graphics card.

You can find a simple program that reproduces this behaviour at https://github.com/cv1212/Vulkan

Thanks for reporting this; we are investigating.

How many logical devices/queues can you create before you crash?


Mathias Schott

For me it’s always the 51st device that crashes the driver. I create one queue per device.

We fixed the issue and it will bubble up to a release driver at some point.

Thanks again for reporting this!