Login in error when modifying USD in Maya 2024

Hey All

Today out of the blue am getting a login warning whenever I make a change on a USD model inside Maya. Its flickering on and off asking to login via web which I am doing.
Never had this issue before, tried restarting machine but still the same.

Screenshot 2024-01-16 113923

Using connector 207.0.0 (Native)

@parance just curious - are you using livesync or does this happen as soon as you are trying to connect to the nucleus server?

Hey, Actually today it seems to be fine. Its not livesync (didnt think native has that feature), i’m just saving the usd content and fetching inside omniverse. But everytime i moved something or rotated the camera that dialogue was going crazy. Will keep an eye on it , thanks.

Actually on the subject of dialogues, I’m also finding everytime I bring up the open content inside Maya/Omniverse menu the window appears, close it and the open it again its half the size, then open again and slowly getting smaller. Have to resize everytime I open content.

now, that sounds like a potential bug. i’ll defer that to the mods/devs 🙂

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Actually still getting that login notice and today its crashing maya when i’m making changes outside of the USD model , Maya freezes for a second and then vanishes.
Have tried re-installing the Omniverse plugin for Maya but no difference.

I am also having ton of issuses with Maya plugin, model breaks, loosing material, crashes etc. It is terrible, I wonder how the 3ds Max one works.

@karol.osinski i haven’t had much problems with the Max connector up to this point, but i also try to limit what i export in terms of elements that may break (incompatible shaders, etc)

but has the problem been more prevalent in 2024? is 2023 more stable?

I didn’t notice any difference between Maya version, both unreliable, especially when it comes to applying changes directly to USD format, I always try to avoid it.

So still having this issue. I’ve tried Maya 2023 and that does seem ok. I have tried a couple of times to uninstall the native maya plugin and reinstall but no change.
In 2024 as soon as i try and edit the USD im getting this login request, even though I am logged in. Its almost as if its trying to send data to the nucleus whenever i try and move the camera, objects,etc.


Why my posts about Maya plugin got hidden? Too much ranting ?

Any updates regarding this? It is also happening in Maya 2023 and its pretty much unusable as each time you select and object up pops this flickering dialogue window.

Let me find out

Hi Parance,
Sorry for the trouble with the Maya Connector. We may fix the problem in 208. But we need verify it first.
Can you save your file as .ma file and upload here if it does not contains confidential things? Maybe you can make a new simple file and do some simple change and save it as Maya file after it pops up the authentication dialog. It will help us to figure out what goes wrong.