Login issues on Jetson Orin

i am working with a jetson orin NX, jetpack 5.1, it had worked well for a few days with coding, browsing
suddenly when i power it on a new day, it booted well until the login screen, i entered the password, the screen got black in a sec, then the login screen is back again. This is an endless loop, i cannot access the desktop anymore
the password is correct as if i enter wrong password, it will report wrong password and not jumps into black screen in a sec.
i saw a couples of suggestion about nvidia driver but cannot access terminal by ctrl+alt+fn
would appreciate any help
i was able to connect through serial console and login but not getting how to change environment variables to login back normally


are you guys colleague?

yes @DaveYYY.Its the same issue.Please help with commands to reset environment variables from serial console