Login-loop in Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi I am having login loop with a Jetson AGX Zavier running the jetpack 4.5.
Initially I was able to run the Ubuntu 18.04 following the instructions, but from some point, I cannot log in to the desktop. I come back to the logon screen again and again without error messages.
I am sure I enter ID/PW correctly because if I enter wrong password, it shows the error message for wrong ID/PW.

When I switch to the CUI using Ctrl+Alt+F2, it’s fine, but I do not know how to proceed.

Can anyone help me?


I can’t answer, but once you are in the command line with CTRL+ALT+F2, you can attach this log file:
(in some cases it might be “/var/log/Xorg.1.log”)

Thank you. Here is the log file. It’s a little big.
Xorg.0.log (17.8 KB)

I’m surprised that the Xorg log didn’t really show anything useful. Can you attach a serial console boot log? This would show messages from even prior to login, and would not require using the CUI. The first failure in the login loop would be shown without having to wait for CUI.

Here is the boot log, I suppose.
After the first boot, I tried to log on to Ubuntu desktop and was brought back to the log on screen by the login loop.
boot.log (78.2 KB)

hello taka-h,

is it only ubuntuOS deny for user login, are you still able to access the target via ssh?

It’s only ubuntu desktop GUI. I can access either on CTL+ALT+F2 console or on ssh.

hello taka-h,

may I know what’s the exactly steps to repo this,
could you please also confirm the issue gone after re-flash the target again?

Hi JerryChang,

The exact steps was this:
I installed ubuntu18.04LTS and JetPack4.5 to Jetson AGX Xavier using the NVIDIA SDK Manager, which went well.
Then, at some point. I think I ran an update using apt update;apt upgrade on the desktop terminal. I did not remember any abnormality, but after I rebooted, I was not able to log on to the desktop. The log on screen appears normally, but after I enter the ID/PW, it pauses for a while and come back to the same log-on screen.
I switched to console using CTL+ALT+F2, then, I could log on without problems, though at first, the PATH is somehow erased and I wasn’t able to even ls or sudo. After I set up the PATH, they are all fine. I can also log on using SSH.
The only problem I have is that I cannot log on to the Ubuntu desktop.

I am trying to find a way to avoid re-flashing the disk I am afraid the it would erase everything on the disk (please correct me if I’m wrong.), but if there is no other way, I will do so.

Thank you.

Do you always install the jetpack4.5 and hit issue after doing the apt-get upgrade?

Hi WayneWWW,

I am not sure what you meant by “always,” but this was the first time that I installed JetPack, and the latest version just happened to be 4.5. I have never tried other versions.

I mean this issue may not happen to some newer release like jetpack4.6.

Login-loop issue is very common when graphic drivers have some mismatch. However, it is unlikely to know which driver is causing this.

I would stick to Jerry’s suggestion here, re-flash your system. If there is some important data, just use the console and ethernet to backup it.

I am also curious about something related. You say “ssh” works, so what do you see from:
ls -l /usr/bin/sudo

Thank you.

$ls -l /usr/bin/sudo
-rwsr-xr-x l root root 136616 1 19 2021 /usr/bin/sudo

That’s all.

That is the correct permission for sudo, so the problem is not how the filesystem was installed. I suggest flashing again as others have mentioned, but I am going to suggest a command line flash to simplify what is installed (if command line flash works, then you can choose to later run JetPack/SDKM with flash disabled and install any options you want). An example command line full flash for an AGX dev kit from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory:
sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-devkit mmcblk0p1

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