Login loop

Hi everyone,
after updating the ubuntu in the DRIVE PX2 I get the login loop, which may be caused by the updates of NVIDIA driver. I cannot even access the command line (CTRL + ALT + F1) in the loading screen.
What should I do in this situation? If you have experience and can solve this problem, please let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

Hello Afrizal,

Did you update DrivePX2 PDX to Beta 1.0?
If yes, please could you please file a bug on NVONILNE for this issue?


I have run into the same issue described here while trying to install ROS-Kinetic.
I have accessed the system through an SSH connection and I am trying to reinstall the NVIDIA drivers for the x server, but so far without success.
I cannot download them from the app and I haven’t found the right ones in the NVIDIA website.
Any hint?

I’m running a DRIVE PX2 autochauffeur.



we had the same problem. We newly flashed the tegra and did you use the “nvidia” or the “ubuntu” user? cause for us it happened twice (while we used “nvidia”) now with “ubuntu” everything worked quite fine.
(But maybe it doesnt matter at all :D)

Good luck

Hi tinokl,

I used the nvidia user but this was all brought about by an unsuccessful attempt to install ROS so I don’t think it matters.
As Afrizal suggested, a clean reflash of the tegra is probably the easiest way to get things to work again.

PS: a patch has just been released regarding this issue in some DPX2 devices, it might be your case.


Never had this issue on the DRIVE PX2 Ubuntu, but have had it before when trying to install drivers for CUDA on other machines.

The top answer to the question asked at this link helped me fix my issues: