Login problem (custom board to xavier)

Previously, I asked a question about xavier’s automatic login.
=> Auto login problem

However, we need automatic login to proceed with a specific project.
(To make the process run automatically when power is applied)

If automatic login is not possible, the nvidia platform cannot be used for industrial equipment.

Is there any way to allow automatic login?

Hi gbpark,

What was your method to set up auto login during rel-31.1?

We are talking about the autologin on console but not GUI, right?

Hi. WayneWWW :-)

Since the GUI is not used on the custom board, we disabled the HDMI part (dtb).
After that, I flashed with emmc and proceeded.

In the case of R31.1, it was possible to connect to the consol environment where login was completed without any separate procedure.(default ID: nvidia PASSWORD: nvidia)

In the case of R32.x, the Linux installation procedure occurs with consol. In the process, the password and password input section came out, and the input was completed.

Are there any technologies to support?

Thank you!!


Confirmed with internal team, currently there is indeed no method to configure this.