LogoFAIL Vulnerability on Jetson Xavier NX

Had a customer query if the Jetson Xavier NX is vulnerable to the LogoFAIL vulnerability discovered by Binarly, and live chat support refused to answer as they only support RMA requests for the Jetson Kits. Is there any development in progress for discovering/patching this vulnerability in the Jetson UEFI bootloader?

Hi mrhrobertson,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

We haven’t received any issue about this.
It seems we don’t use those kind of image parsers listed.
Our internal will sync with upstream for the latest security fix.


It’s a devkit on 5.1.2, but some are in production, hence the concern.

If there are no use of the relevant parsers, then I will inform them that there is no concern.

Thanks for your response.

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