Long Term effects of manual CPU frequency setting

Has anyone experienced any faults from forcing the CPU to perform at high frequencies for prolonged periods of time? I would like to know how rough this board can be treated and how careful I need to be when leaving it running in a high power draw state for prolonged periods of time (4+ hours)

The fan is in place and I haven’t swapped it out for a heat spreader or heat sink and so far the temperatures seem to be reasonable (rarely exceeding 40 deg C)

I also do a lot of single core processing (i.e maxing out CPU0 and leaving the others offline). Is this inadvisable/should I try and spread the load over more cores or let each take turns at being maxed out?

Hi Paddi,

The performance, power draw and temperature are closely linked to each other.
You could run the Tegra-K1 in performance mode with more cores in high freq, it will lead the device in high temperature. But eventually, the performance will be reduced to avoid the SoC damage by Thermal throttle when the temp reach the pre-set threshold.