Longer running computation in Nodes

I want to implement a node that finds a path between two points in a scene avoiding obstacles. Calculating this might take a second or two. Is this delay something I should try to avoid when I implement custom nodes?

Hello @bruno.vetter! I need to reach out to the dev team for some help answering your questions. I will post back when I get more information!

The node’s compute will block the frame until it finishes, so yes you should avoid long operations in nodes. If you have some expensive computation that you can do asynchronously then one approach would be to have the node poll the results in its compute. Another possible option would be to amortize the work over many compute calls by doing it incrementally. Hope that helps.

Thank you. I have accelerated the pathfinding now so it takes about 0.2 seconds. If this blocks the frame, it might still be too long.

Do you have any advice/best practices on how to approach async processing with Omniverse/OmniGraph/Python?