Looking for a dataset to detect and classify people from a higher angle


I am looking for a dataset for detecting and classifying people from a higher angle.

Here is a short description of the application I would like to use the dataset for:

I would like to mount a jetson nano with a camera as high as possible in the upper corner of a room and record (and analyse) the movement of people. The camera should not be directed vertically downwards but across the room.
Therefore it is necessary to detect and classify the people first.

Someone has a recommendation for a suitable dataset? I am happy about every suggestion.

BR chris


Sorry that we don’t have a public database for face recognition.
Maybe other users can share their experience with you.


Ok, thanks for your answer. I realized that my description is not vey clear to everybody.
The added link to a picture (the picture in the middle) is a very good example for pictures i am looking for. A data set with pictures like this is exactly what i am looking for :)