Looking for a Fusion 360 Connector


His someone working on a connector for Fusion 360?

Many Thanks

Hello @utilisateur486! I will send your request over to the dev team! For now, you may be able to convert your Fusion 360 files over to USD and import them into Omniverse. I found a converter on the Autodesk App Store here: Fusion 360 USD Converter

A feature request ticket was generated from this post. OM-66200: Looking for a Fusion 360 Connector


Hi @WendyGram,

many thanks to take care of my request.
For your information, Fusion 360 has already a native export to usdz, but I was wondering if it could be possible to get something more like this:
(1521) Fusion Connector - YouTube

Many Thanks

@utilisateur486 There is a CAD Importer Extension in the Create app, that Wendy was referring to above. Thanks!

There is already a native USD export feature in Fusion 360, but as utilisateur486 indicates, it would be useful to have a live connection, as with the Fusion Connector under development by @strainflow1574. Since this is not ready for distribution yet, would it be possible for Nvidia to assist in its development?

It would really improve the connectivity if it could preserve the joints defined in Fusion 360 when open in Create.

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I concur. A Fusion 360 connector is really needed. Hope that AutoDesk and NVIDIA can work on this.