Looking for a list of values --optimize and --ptxas-options can take NVCC compiler options


Does anyone have a list of acceptable values for --optimize and --ptxas-options compiler option? I cannot find such information from the compiler documentation nvcc_2.1.pdf. I tried using 0 for --optimize, which resulted in nvcc failing to execute.


Try running the command line assembler (“ptxas --help”) to display the valid ptxas options.

As for the optimize flags, this compiles for me with CUDA 2.0:

[font=“Courier New”]nvcc -O0 test.cu[/font]

as does this:

[font=“Courier New”]nvcc --optimize=0 test.cu[/font]

and even this:

[font=“Courier New”]nvcc -O65536 test.cu[/font]

Running -O0 and -O3 for a transpose kernel yielded identical .cubin files, but I don’t know if that’s true in general. I haven’t tried with CUDA 2.1.


Thank you very much Jeremy. Your reply answers my question.

I was under the impression that the optimize flags only effected any C code in the file. Might be wrong.