Looking for a PhD postion of 2010 Fall

Hi, I am looking for a PhD position of 2010 Fall, following are some about me.

I received my B.S degree in Mathematics from Nanchang University (2001 ~ 2005)

I am currently a Master Student at Chinese Academy of Science ,my major is Computer Science(2007 ~ 2010)

I have solid background in computational mathematics, computer graphics and image processing, algorithms.

I have strong engineering capability of development and testing with C / C++ / CUDA / OpenCL / Web

I am the first place winner of[b] NVIDIA China CUDA Contest

My email is: sf.chen@siat.ac.cn, and I have built a homepate:http://www.shifuchen.com, you can find lots of thing in my homepage.

You can also download my CV via: http://www.shifuchen.com/download/cv.pdf