Looking for data on the 455A-ECAT's heatsink

We need to upgrade the heatsink on the 455A adapters to increase dissipation efficiency for our application.

  1. what’s the model of the spring loaded push clips? spring characteristics?
  2. documentation states that heatsink is sometimes attached by screws, any data on screw model, torque etc…?
  3. what’s the thermal conductance of the thermal pad used?
  4. the heatsink will be larger, what’s the maximum load bearing accepted by the PCB?
  5. is thermal glue a viable option?
  6. IC heat dissipation in watts?
  7. any tool to read IC temperature on windows?
  8. IC cutoff temp? throttle temp?

Thank you.

we do not understand the nature of your question. NVIDIA does not provide technical information on internal components of the system.

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