Looking for GPU library for NURBS currves


I am looking for a NURBS C/C++ library that executes its code on the GPU. I am interested in NURBS curves only, particularly the creation of curves based on a set of coordinates on the curve itself (i.e. deriving the control vertices from those coordinates) + the nearest distance from a point to the curve…

I did a ‘NURBS’ search on this forum and I get just a few not so promising hits.

Hence, is there a CUDA/NVIDIA C/C++ library or any Open Source library that caters for this kind of functionality on the GPU? Or should I come up with CPU NURBS source code and try to translate that to GPU kernel code?

I was assuming that this kind of C/C++ GPU functionality exists but perhaps it is not?? Or is it only available through commercial software vendors?

Any info/pointers will be appreciated!

Many thanks, -rene


Currently I am also looking for a NURBS library implemented on the GPU. Do you have some more information about this topic ?

Thanks a lot, Gilles

Hi Gilles,

To answer your question… at the time I did not pursue this topic any further and I have not touched this subject since.

I hope you will find something useful though, things may have changed during the recent 2 years. Keep me posted if you will. Goodluck! -rene