Looking for HBAO+ Ultra built for D3D12

We had added HBAO+ ultra to UE4 four year ago.
Nobody in our team doesn’t know where that integration sources from, including myself… I am not the one who worked on it at that time.

Our HBAO+ ultra integration is available only for D3D11, now we need to make it working for D3D12.

I manged to find some sources from https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine,
but anything I could find provides only (single pass) HBAO+, so if I apply that to our engine, even D3D11 mode cannot support HBAO+ ultra.

Where can I find sources (libs, dlls, and hopefully code too) for HBAO ultra built for D3D12?

Any help would be appreciated.

DJ Song

As additional note, I know that the most recent HBAO integration is provided by VXGI branch, but built binaries are available only up to VXGI-4.18, not VXGI2 branch.