looking for how to setup BCT, mmc2, etc...

In moving our Tegra TK1 into our product, we’ve successfully got a card designed, got it to boot, imaged it, etc…

Now, I’m wondering how to move all this info to the production environment, so that we don’t have such a lengthy process to prepare each one. For example, how does one find and set the MAC address into the environment variables before booting?

Does anyone know the processes we need to follow to get them all setup by the time it rolls off the assembly line??



I have noticed that if you use serial console to halt within U-Boot and print environment (“env print”), that you will see environment variable “ethaddr”. I have not used this to try and set up ethernet hardware, but perhaps it would be useful. I see one possibility that this is used only when attempting to use an ethernet device for boot, e.g., PXE boot during U-Boot stage only…but perhaps this is also inherited by the kernel. You might try experimenting with this just to determine if U-Boot environment for MAC can be set this way…manually you can “env set”…in U-Boot see “help” and “help env” output for info. Related command might be “env save”…this save might persist across boots, whereas a value could still be changed for a single boot and reset for next boot (experimentation required).

If this does what you want, then probably the environment can be mapped to one of the flashed images and edited in production.

Thanks for the thoughts, but I’m looking for the “Manufacturing” answer. We’ve got it up and running, however, the techniques used to get there are not “automatable”, so I need to figure out how to get the proper ‘tables’ and initialization code into the proper locations during the manufacturing process, so that the boards come out of the pipe, ready for work.