Looking for lost video.

I have an odd request Some friends of mine crack old codes from WWII and older as a hobby. a few months back I saw a video on YouTube of a conference where 2 guys demo’d software they made for breaking Enigma code on a laptop with a Nvidia Graphics card in it. My friends want to see it but I have been looking for months and I cannot find it now. I was wondering if anybody on your end may know of the video? They had a website for the project which they stated and everything. Hoping you can pass my request along to the machine learning/Cuda People. Maybe they know of it.

try to search in https://www.youtube.com/feed/history

there is also playlist of your “Liked videos”

I searched for everything I can think of. Didn’t find it. Was a long time ago so I don’t have it in my History either. Let me see if I can find the liked videos.