Looking for mechanical spec for TX2 bottom stiffener/heat spreader

I’m looking for a mechanical spec that defines the dimensions of the TX2 bottom stiffener/heat spreader around the corner mounting holes of the TX2 module. We have some modules where the heat spreader is encroaching on the ground pad and causes interference with the mounting stand-off. The data sheet doesn’t seem to give a dimension for the metal although it calls out a 7mm ground pad around the mounting hole. We never had a problem with the TX1 but it looks like this part of the module was changed for the TX2.

Hi, i am not so clear about your question, can you please show picture of which size you want to get? Do you mean the real size of ground pad is not 7mm?

How do I add a picture using this interface?

The problem is the bottom heat spreader/stiffener encroaches and overlaps the 7 mm ground pad on some of the parts for the TX2. Looking at the data sheet there isn’t any spec or dimensions listed for the corners of the heat spreader/stiffener. How much space should be available for the standoff to mount the part on a board? This wasn’t a problem with the TX1 but the design has changed and there appears to be variation part to part.