Looking for NVIDIA T4 GPU 3D model (STEP format preferable)

Sorry about posting here, but can’t find a more appropriate place to ask.

We are building custom chassis to house Jetson TX2 with an NVIDIA T4 GPU.

We have overcome the problem of TX2 only having PCIe x4 socket.

We are looking to download a 3D model of the new T4 GPU… admins please provide a link.

Thanks in advance

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs are not supported for use in any server, chassis, or platform that has not been properly designed for their use. Support for that design process must come from NVIDIA, and must be negotiated for with NVIDIA product management. We have relationships with many many server OEMs and system integrators, for example, pursuant to this policy.

If you are part of the NVIDIA partner network, you should contact NVIDIA through the partner network to learn more about this process.


The design collateral you are asking for is only provided to partners that have a proper OEM relationship with NVIDIA, and then only through a secured portal. The material is provided under NDA and is not available publicly.