Looking for some assistance with Nvidia Blast

I’ve been trying to get Nvidia Blast set up for what feels like forever.

I’ve forked the Blast repository, and ran the `generate_projects_vc14win64.bat’. Both worked fine.

After this point the ReadMe.txt file says Open compiler/vc14winBB-cmake/BlastAll.sln. This contains all Blast windows projects, including the low-level, toolkit, extensions, tools, tests, and sample.

This is where I have problems.

My directory dosen’t have a .sln file anywhere.

Inside of “C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\GitHub\UE4 NVIDIA\Blast\compiler\vc14win64-cmake” I have “CMakeCache.txt”, and a Folder named “CMakeFiles”

Inside of the “CMakeFiles” Folder I have “CMakeOutput.log”, “CMakeError.log”, “cmake.check_cache”, and a folder named “3.7.0”.

Inside of the “3.7.0” folder I have “CMakeSystem.cmake”, and a folder named “CompilerIdCXX”.

Inside of the CompilerIdCXX folder I have “CMakeCXXCompilerId.cpp” and “CompilerIdCXX.vcxproj”.

Did I do something wrong? Any help is greatly apprecitated.

P.S. I’m extremely new to all this, so be easy on me. I’m just trying to get it set up so I can make some destructible assets for Unreal Engine. I have the branch of UE4 4.18.3 that has Blast working, if that’s all I need then I’ll just mess around with that. But I figured I needed the actual Nvidia Blast program to create the meshes. If you need anymore information, let me know. I just wasn’t sure what was necessary.

I don’t think the Linux forum can help with this, but I’m not sure what forum would be better. I moved it to General Graphics Programming for lack of a better idea.

Sorry about that, I didn’t know where to post it either. I put in a support ticket, but they just sent me links to https://developer.nvidia.com/blast and the Linux forum. Thank you for moving the post.

Sorry to bring up an old post, but since this wasn’t resolved and I’m having the same issue I thought I may as well. I can’t get Blast to compile in the same manner described above and the github repo doesn’t allow issues to be opened.