Looking for the tool "NvGetDisplayInfo.exe"

Hi All,
I’ve already posted in the “Windows XP” section but I post here again because I think it’s a better section for my topic.

The following documentation mentions the tool “NvGetDisplayInfo.exe”

This tool permits to get information about your NVidia graphic card, especially the “Scaling” mode of the card.
Does anyone know how to get this tool, is there an NVidia official release ?
Or does anyone know a tool to get information about the configuration of the graphic card, especially the “Scaling” mode?

Thank you very much for your help:-)

There’s a thing called Device Query Driver API in the SDK that spits out a bunch of info on the hardware. Maybe this will have what you need?

Hi DeathRabbit,

thanks for the info, but I’ve no time to program something, and I’m not very comfortable with C programming. That’s why I was simply looking for an executable.

Or maybe this API is compliant with ActiveX technology so that I can manage it with VBScript…

Thanks you anyway!