Looking recommendation on PCIe Extension Cable Male to Male to connect the two systems


I have two query :

1] Need input on what is recommended cable should be using for NVIDIA Orin Dev Kit (64GB) platform, am planning to convert dev kit to End Point & connect it other system.

2] Looking for Document/pdf that unable to find in doc & forum section : “NVIDIA application note PCIe Endpoint Design Guidelines DA‑09357”

LF Update

anyone knows what recommended PCIe extender cable should be using ?

  1. No such recommendation.
  2. You can refer to the app note of AGX xavier: Jetson AGX Xavier PCIe Endpoint Design Guidelines App Note

Thank you for the update & sharing app notes.

We use ADT-Link PCIe cable for two ORIN DEV KITS connection. One Orin Kits is EP and One Orin Kits is RP.
R88NS PCI-E x8 ,goldfinger to goldfinger, Tx to Rx signal swap PCIe 3.0 x8 (64G/bps)
R88 PCIe x8 Jumpers Cable (adt.link)

You can search some similar cable from amazon or others.

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Thank you for sharing details

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