Looking to upgrade from a 970 - thoughts?

This past Cyber Monday, I did a total renovation of my old rig, and one of the parts I kept was my 970 - it was the difference between me being able to upgrade at all, so I decided to keep it in for a while. I snagged an i5-9400f for my CPU, and while it’s been doing a lot better than my old setup, games like RDR2 are still giving me some trouble. I’ve asked some of my friends and looked up a few FPS tests/benchmarks, and so far I’m stuck between either the 1660ti or a 2060. I’ve got about $200 in spare cash I can throw towards it at the moment, but if need be I can save up to about a little over $300 if a more expensive card is really worth it. What do you guys think - should I bite for either of them, or is another card altogether a better option for what I’ve got?
https://sarkariresult.onl/ https://mobdro.onl/ https://pnrstatus.vip/
Thanks in advance, have a good one!


You would be better off posting in the GeForce forums. This forum is mainly for developers and is not very active.