Loop to deeply nested

Loop not vectorized/parallelized: too deeply nested
81, Loop not vectorized/parallelized: too deeply nested

When a program compiling renders the error shown above what can be done to vectorize/parallelize this loop that is “too deeply nested”.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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How many loop levels are you using? You can increase the default number of levels via the “-Mvect=levels:n” and “-Mconcur=levels:n” flags, however, we max out at around 7 levels deep since the dependency analysis required gets too compute and memory intensive beyond this point.

  • Mat

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A question about this. I have a code that I’m compiling with -fast that has a 3d and 4d interface and inside those two are nested loops that in the former case are three-deep and in the latter four-deep. So, when the 3d interface is compiled, not much info, but in the 4d case:

Loop not vectorized/parallelized: too deeply nested

So, I was wondering, how could I try telling it to go deeper? Would the FOPT be ‘-fast -Mvect=levels:4’ (or 5, 6…something)? Or would doing that remove the -Mvect=sse that seems to be part of -fast?


Hi Matt,

Use the “-Mvect=levels:n” flag to go beyond the default of three loop levels. Your compilation time may increase though. No need to remove SSE vectorization.

  • Mat

Oh, I wasn’t going to remove it. I was just worried that the “-Mvect=levels:n” flag might supersede whatever “-Mvect” flags that might be inside the “-fast” flag. But, the info output didn’t seem to make any changes, so I’m guessing it’s an append rather than clobber operation.