Loosing I2S audio when porting to L4T R32.6.1 kernel

Hello! I recently found out, that in our porting from jetpack 4.3 version to 4.6 we lost the soundintegration of our custom board.
One issue was simply solved by getting the change Kconfig values right to build the machine_driver_mobile, but with the next issue I got stuck:
dmesg says
[ 6.236162] tegra-asoc: sound: ASoC: CPU DAI ADSP-ADMAIF1 not registered
[ 6.236189] tegra-asoc: sound: snd_soc_register_card failed (-517)
-517 seems to be EPROBE_DEFER, but how can I find out what changed?
dmesg (50.2 KB)

devicetree: (audio part starts at line 437)
foo_snd.dts (10.7 KB)

Our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

because of compiler problems with 4.6 we needet to switch to 4.6.1. (different thread :) and there Sound at I2S4 works again at least on our older hardware.
I’ll look into it some more tomorrow with the newer board revision, but for now I would assume it works with 4.6.1 (kernel of L4T R32.7.1)

Yep… with L4T R32.7.1 it works fine.

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