Losing the Desktop while using cuda-gdb

This is documented, expected behavior. You can’t run CUDA-GDB on any GPU that is being used by X, as CUDA-GDB freezes the GPU.

Something very strange and bad thing just happened.
I was trying to use the cuda-degugger cuda-gdb. The first time, I was using it with the X-server running; there was a message down the line saying that no GPU device was available because they were all used by the X-server. Ok, I shut down the server and log-on another terninal and manage to get some part of my program working. I then open the X-server again, but this time ALL THE WINDOW DESKTOP IS GONE INCLUDING THE DASHBOARD LAUNCHER. I turned-off my computer and started again -> same results. I have to rebuild my desktop again. What is going on?

I know that , but will this happened every time I use cuda-gdb? If so, I will never use cuda-gbd again.

cuda-gdb won’t work with an X server running, but it shouldn’t kill your desktop after a reboot. it sounds like compiz didn’t shut down correctly and somehow corrupted something (despite Ubuntu’s use of it, compiz is still not the most stable piece of code), so now it won’t load the window decorators or anything. how did you shut down the X server?

I am using KDE4 .

I am on Slackware (the best Linux distro IMHO). I shut down X the same way as usual. Now I am slowly rebuilding my configuration. Even my screen saver image was not loading. >.<

It still seems like something broke on shutdown, a configuration file updated incorrectly or something. I really don’t think this is a cuda-gdb issue. (also I have no idea what kernel/glibc/etc. versions slackware is using, I have no idea how it’s going to interact with anything)