Lossless H.264 encoding

I’m looking to use the Multimedia API to perform lossless compression on the hardware encoder in the TX1. The documentation doesn’t explicitly state that lossless encoding is possible, but it seems like the desktop GPUs have support, so I was thinking that the TX1 might as well.

The desktop encoding API seems to set all the QP values to 0, but calling

setQpRange(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

on an NvVideoEncoder object in the multimedia API still seems to produce frames that do not have QP of 0, according to the FrameMinQp and FrameMaxQp fields returned by a call to NvVideoEncoder::getMetadata.

The desktop API also seems to support a “constant QP” rate control mode, but this doesn’t seem to be available in the V4L2 API.

Is there a way to perform lossless encoding on the TX1? Have I just been going about it the wrong way?

Hi McSimp,
Video Codec SDk is for desktop GPUs. We are checking if we can support the same on TX1.

Hi McSimp,
We have confirmed lossless encoding is not supported in latest release r24.2.1. It will be supported in future release.

Thanks for confirming that. I look forward to the future release!