Lost all material when open USD files

OH NO! I am reporting this to the development team now!

Can you please provide us with the following information:

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
  • Applications and Versions
  • Logs found at C:\Users\YOURNAME.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me more details on the steps you took that resulted in this problem.

When you exported from 3dsMax, Can you confirm that you had the option “Include MDL” turned on?

Also what types of materials are you exporting? (std, physical, Arnold, VRAY)?

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)(RTX A6000 , i9 i9-10980XE, Western Digital 2TB,
  • Applications and Versions windows 10 64bit
  • Logs found at C:\Users\YOURNAME.nvidia-omniverse\logs I uninstall the omniverse already give up,

materials is Vray

The connector logs are here, can you send it after an export
C:\Users\ \Documents\Omniverse\Max\MaxPlug_xxx.log

@seanliangbally Would it be possible to get your Source File (USD)? I can PM you an email address if you need to keep it confidential.


Can’t sing in to the sever when use 2022 3d max, I already reinstall my windows.

Hello @seanliangbally! The development team is looking into your file. Thank you for your patience!

An internal Bug was created for this post OM-36502

I don’t know how to fix it, still need help for sign in Error. like have more Omniverse post more tutorials.

of counrse the 3D max to Omniverse tutorials need update more.

It seems there is no texture in the output. It is most likely a bug in exporter. Do you have simplified Max or Maya file for us to debug?

@seanliangbally There was no max file with vray in the package so I tried to reproduce with the supplied fbx file. However, I imported the fbx into a few apps and none of them showed texture connections. My suspicion is the fbx doesn’t have textures connected up to it, at least in the package posted here. Can you confirm textures are hooked up in the Max scene prior to export? If so can you send your max file with texture connections?

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I just to login to Omniverse cann’t work,I will just use USD export plug in from 2021 Max export that.