Lost some material when open USD files in 3DMAX

I tried to export 3ds Max assets (with Vray mtl ) to USD,
but when I import it to 3ds Max again or Omniverse View, some material seens missing. And Some material is in the viewport but have been resized or altered.

In the emport folder I can find the missing material’s location and relative MDL files, but it isn’t load in with the USD.

Is there anything can need to adjust? please help

3ds Max 2021 with Omniverse connector 102.4.0
Vray 5

Hi @william1006.chu! I reached out to our development team for help here. This issue may be reported in your log files. Could you send us your log files found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\3dsmax

If it doesn’t display Properly in View, then this indicates possibly that on the initial export something was missed. It is possible that you are using a node we do not support at this time. You can see the list of V-ray supported nodes here,

Any logs, errors as WendyGram pointed out will also be helpful. If you could share a sample file that we could investigate with this would be very help also.

max2022exp.log (5.1 KB)

Thanks for your reply!
The attachment is the log file mentioned by [WendyGram]

By the way, the Omniverse view is keep crushing so I try to reinstall, but currently the service seems down, I can’t download omniverse view again now.

I read the log. But it does not tell what is wrong. Can you upload your Max file for us debug? You can remove those right objects and only send us the scene with wrong objects?

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