Loud ticking sound and setup

I just unboxed a Jetson AGX Xavier unit. After I started a install script a loud ticking sound started after about 2 minutes. Is this normal? Is it the fan, the GPU or something else?

Also, I installed jetpack on a micro SD and put it into the slot of the unit. Then the unit just showed the Nvidia logo for some seconds and rebooted and continued that cycle until I removed the SD card. Then the unit boot into the operating system. I thought there was not preinstalled anything on the unit? What is the MicroSD used for since it does not seem to be able to boot from it.

Thanks for any answers!

FYI, the full Xavier boots entirely from internal eMMC unless you’ve used flash software to do something else.

Xavier dev kits normally have something flashed, but it is quite possibly far out of date and in need of flash anyway. Xavier modules (not dev kits) do not have anything installed by default. You must flash a new module, and it is very likely you will need to flash a current release to a dev kit as well.

When first testing an AGX Xavier avoid installing any SD card. Only add this after you are satisfied with the basic installation.

Note that the NX models are the ones which have dev kits using SD card for boot.

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