Low-budget filmmaker wants to use Omniverse Machinima to create realistic home/office scenes

I am looking to pay somebody to help me recreate various realistic scenes, such as a middle-aged man sitting down for an interview or two people having a conversation in an office or home. I don’t know exactly what Omniverse Machinima can do, but I hope I can use it to create scenes cheaply and efficiently. For example, I’d like to know approximately what it would cost to animate a lip synced scene of two people talking in an office.

Machinima adds additional capabilities like blocking out camera animation, and managing animation clips like a video editor. It also has tool for captureing human motion from a web camera and more.

For character, there is a great connector to import characters and additionally tools like audio2face to make easy facial animation.

Check out Character Creator

End of the video there is a clip similar to what your looking for.


Thanks for this. If I wanted to hire somebody to do this, what do you suggest? I don’t want to develop the technical skills myself, but I love the idea of what this program can do.

well, I would say hire a person who can use that Character Creator and simply pay extra for him / her to study the Omniverse tools to animate that character.

I can do the camerawork and lightning :) for a hourly fee naturally…