Low cost hardware to work with Nvidia Clara

Dear Community,

On documents available at Nvidia Website I found these platforms are compatible with Clara:

Compatible Hardware

NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit [Coming Soon]
NVIDIA Jetson Nano - Learn More
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier - Learn More

Is it possible to work with these platforms without sacrificing results or is is a must to work with supercomputers like Tesla, DGX or Titan? Considering this will be used for medical imaging and portable medical solutions.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

Thank you for your interest in Clara. Jetson AGX/Clara AGX do not support Clara Train and Clara Deploy SDKs at the moment. For Portable medical solutions; it might be worthwhile to look into our NVIDIA Jetson family and the Developer Kit / SDK that comes along with it:

In addition; we have a rich ecosystem of developers and partners specializing in hardware and application design services, sensors, and more.

Hope this helps get you started.

Thanks for your response Aquraini,

Do you know when is going to be ready NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit? Any date? Any clue about price?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks again for your interest and inquiry, Apolyon.

The NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit availability is sometime in Q2 of this year (2020). There is no information about price at the current time. That being said, and without much context to your particular application/use-case - beginning prototype work on our existing Jetson AGX developer kit should give you a head start ahead of the Clara AGX Developer Kit.

Hey Aquraini,

Any news about when the NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit will be available?

Thanks in advance

Greetings Peasuke,

We’re currently forming an early access interest list for the Clara AGX developer kit here:


However, would be great to understand your use-case or workflow ie. how you anticipate using the Clara AGX developer kit.