Low CPU/GPU usage after Graphical X Deskto Locked

Our application (xntcs) a straight-up X-Windows/Motif App using OpenGL through the GLX widget set does all its rendering using the EXT_Framebuffer_object extension so that all our CPU/GPU processing is done off-screen.

Question: is there anything in the NVIDIA driver that would cause the GPU/CPU usage to drop to 25% when the graphical X desktop is locked? This has been occurring on all our RedHat systems since about rhel7.8. RedHat Service Engineers have requested that I open a ticket in parallel with their own to see if NVIDIA Engineers have any further insight / experience with this issue.

I’m uploading the current case file (from RedHat) and the referenced attachments in that ticket.
Case-02689702.pdf (198.3 KB)

The same behavior is observed with ubuntu 20.04