Low FPS in sample_drivenet testing comparing to PX2

We have been evaluating DRIVE Xavier and found low FPS in sample_drivenet testing, please refer attached.
PX2: ~44.5 FPS,
DRIVE Xavier: ~8 FPS

Is it expected behavior in DRIVE Xavier/E3550 platform or any suitable setting to get more GPU performance?



Hi Gary,

What’s your software versions? All installed via SDK Manager?

Dear garywang,

Could you please check your platform GPU information with deviceQuery in cuda sample?
and please check if there is any change in FPS by running drivenet with the following option.

./sample_drivenet --precision=fp32
./sample_drivenet --precision=fp16
./sample_drivenet --precision=int8

@vickyy, Yes all of them were installed via sdkmanager (i.e. flashed TegraA+B with Drivework 1.0 via sdkmanager), BTW my sdkmanager is v0.98 and remind me to upgrade to v0.99, I choose update but no any upgrade be started.

@SteveNY, I checked it in another Xavier device but used its built-it drivework (i.e. without any flashing by sdkmanager, the initial version of its Xavier delivery). its FPS is >30FPS and it seems to be good.

Could you please help to check: after flashing Xavier, this issue or any network trouble (DHCP) happened in your system? Thanks!

Dear garywang,

The 0.99 version solves network proxy issue and minor bugs.
I also flashed my platform via sdkmanager but there is no performance issue.
Could you upload log file after run the following command on both Drive AGX platforms?
./sample_drivenet | tee log.txt

It seems the "hyperionlauncher"always working in background. After I kill it, issue went away. What’s the purpose of this demo program? Thanks!


Thanks for your update. We will give you a response if any explanation for this.