Low latency single shot capturing with MIPI and TX2

Hi, I use the TX2 and a high megapixel global shutter camera connected via MIPI CSI-2. I need to capture single frames based on an external event with high precision. Hence, the captured frame must not deviate more than 10ms in time from when the event happened. The event can happen at arbitrary moments in time, but never closer together than what translates to approx 10FPS.

I see two solutions to this problem:
1: Open a stream with a very high framerate (+100FPS) and pick the frame closest to the event timestamp. However, such high framerates is not possible with a high megapixel camera, so this is really not an option for me.
2: Open a stream with low framerate and trigger camera capturing when the event happens. This requires modifying the Tegra V4l2 source code to avoid timeouts when no data is arriving. From what i understand this kind of violates the MIPI standard, as it is a streaming based protocol.

Has anyone succeeded in acquiring event triggered single shot frames based on solution 2? Or do you know of other possible solutions for low latency high precision single shot capturing via MIPI?

For your case it’s difficult to implement base on V4L2 framework.
I think you can try implement a customize CSI/VI driver.