low resolution after installing cuda3.0 on ubuntu 9.10 64bit

I installed the nvidia cuda 3.0 driver and then ubuntu was in low-graphics mode(resolution only 640*480).
Everything is OK, cuda SDK samples can be compiled correctly.

Can anyone help me to fix the low resolution?
Thanks in advance!

The SDK samples don’t need the driver to be working in order to compile. Do they run? For example, what do you get back as output from the deviceQuery sample?

The driver install likely did not succeed. Try the following:

Install EnvyNG, nVidia and ATI driver manager:

$ sudo apt-get install envyng-core

Remove the old nVidia driver (-t flag is for command line mode):

$ sudo envyng -t

Select “Uninstall the NVIDIA driver” and after it completes, restart your PC.

Once you boot back in, find the CUDA driver you downloaded and run:

$ sudo sh <driver_name>.run

Let it do whatever it wants (install 32-bit libs, config X-server, backup old X config blah blah blah…), and restart after it completes --> post results!

I know this is in french (but a quick translation with google can fix it)but did you try this


It works for me and it’s an easy way to install nvidia drivers without anything else.