Lower power consumption with more input sources in DeepStream

We recently measured the power requirements of a Jetson Nano running a DeepStream-based audio data classification application. Since the number of audio sources is dynamically configured, we measured this with different numbers of sources. The model itself is designed to use up to 10 input sources, some of which are not used if the local audio sources are not available.

With a single audio source, the Jetson requires an average of 3.18 W. With five and ten sources connected, the Jetson requires 3.16 W and 3.13 W, respectively. Particularly noteworthy is the station’s lower power consumption when a larger number of Mics are connected. Also, the GPU utilization is lower with many mics connected compared to smaller number (98% with 1 client, 88% with 5 clients, 80% with 10 clients).

Does anyone have a good explanation for this observed behavior? It is not clear to me how DeepStream handles the missing audio inputs, or what happens in these cases.

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Audio decoding is on CPU cores. Please run sudo tegrastats to check and see if there deviation between one source and five or ten sources. The loading is much lower when comparing to video sources, so it probably is not easy to see the difference.

Okay, my measurements were done using tegratstats and a custom wrapper which outputs data as csv. I made both, data and the Jupiter notebook used for looking into the data available here at GitHub: GitHub - umr-ds/jetson-power

The Jupyter Notebook can be viewed using nbviewer: Jupyter Notebook Viewer

As you already suggested CPU usage raises with more audio sources, however GPU utilization and power demand goes down…

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