lower power screen / display to connect to TX2?


Can anyone make a recommendation on a low power screen that i can connect to the jetson TX2 to make a demo i have embedded on there portable (rather than carrying a monitor / display around with me everywhere…)

I was considering just trying to use an RPI one…

Much appreciated.

I recently did some research, but haven’t actually tried them yet.
I think 7" is too small, but 10" is alright. You probably want 1280x800 resolution or more; 1024x600 is too little.
For “embedded” you could consider a “FPV” monitor with HDMI in and built-in battery (these often come with built-in 5.8 GHz radio receivers, too.)
If you have easy 12V power from elsewhere (for a car, make sure to protect against the 12V load dumps that can spike up to 40V !) then a capacitive touch monitor would be:

where there any particular brands or models you came down in favour off?

Standalone no batter is fine for now so the FPV sounds like the way to go. Is it plug and play or is there some config required?

I’m wondering if this would do the trick…

it mentions no scaler - presumably i could do that from the OS side of things somehow?

“No scaler” means that you have to provide 800x480 video output from the output.
The Ubuntu GUI isn’t particularly useful at that low resolution.
Also, 5" is very small – no bigger than the Jetson module itself (much smaller than the devkit board.)
I really do recommend 1280x800 or bigger resolutions if you actually want to use the system.
If it’s just to show a couple of statistics while the system is “doing it’s thing” then 800x480 might be enough, assuming you’ve developed your status screen for that resolution.

All the dev work is done and it’s basically to run command line which then runs a script which shows a video feed being passed through the classifier embedded on the device. The screens not needed as such but will give people an idea that this is a stand alone unit plus ssh -Y uses the local machines GPU on my laptop rather than the jetsons and carrying a monitor around with me isn’t an option!!