LPDDR3 is NOT supported with L4T

Downloaded the memory characterization application note, and on the first page it says “NOTE: LPDDR3 is NOT supported with L4T”.

What does this mean? Isn’t support for LPDDR3 just a matter of putting the right values in the EMC?

It seems that the tool for memory characterization supports LPDDR3 just fine. It has .par files for it, and I suspect it boots the board and configures it for LPDDR3 via some interface to the Boot Rom?

I guess you are talking about Jetson TK1 and the Rel-21 of L4T?

You may want to repeat your question here:

TK1 and Rel-21 is what we have now, yes, but we are looking into a possible hwdesign with lpddr3 instead of ddr3l.

I’ll repeat there. Thanks.